Zynga to launch real-money gambling app in Facebook, dates not announced

Zynga, the struggling social gaming company, is planning to foray into Facebook soon with the launch of its real-money gambling apps, namely ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino. Zynga has also stated that it plans to introduce the apps to Facebook users in the UK initially followed by a global launch shortly. Zynga has been a losing game for investors lately with the business model not up to the mark to generate cash for the company.

Tzynga-to-launch-real-money-gambling-app-in-facebook-dates-unannouncedhe apps will be available on desktop versions initially and then will be ported to mobile devices later, as stated in the report. A Facebook spokesmen said that “This is just business as usual for them. What you’re likely hearing about are additional games Zynga is adding to their existing real money gaming ecosystem in the U.K.” The online gaming company had officially launched its U.K. gambling site in partnership with U.K. based poker company,Bwin Party Digital company,  back in April of this year with two gambling brands, ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino hosting more than 160 games involving real money. Zynga has also big plans to launch these gambling games to the U.S. followed by Nevada, provided it receives official permit in form of operator’s license.

Although there aren’t any official words regarding its timeline of Zynga app launch in Facebook in the U.K. , the company is definitely aiming high to pick some gambling dollars so that it can save it’s falling revenue to some extent.




Source: Cnet

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