Zen Cart SEO – Optimization Tips and Plugins

Zen Cart is an online content management system (CMS) i.e. e-commerce sites management system. It is an open source and user friendly CMS based on PHP and it applies MYSQL database with HTML features. The best part of Zen Cart is that it does not require knowing HTML or any other complicated programming language. Therefore, gives an ease to maintain the websites developed in Zen Cart CMS.

But the issue comes with the search engine optimization of websites built in content management system.

How to SEO Zen Cart Websites?
Problem with e-commerce sites is that they don’t have much content for search engines and mainly contains product images. So it is important to optimize the following points at least.


A. Page Title:
A title is the text that is displayed at the top of the browser window. Page Title should be relevant and keyword rich. In Zen cart page title can be changed by making changes in the code from cpanel.


Code 1:SEO India
define(‘TITLE’, ‘Zen Cart!’);
// Replace the Zen Cart with your desired name.
define(‘TITLE’, ‘MY Store’);


define(‘SITE_TAGLINE’, ‘The Art of E-commerce’);
//Replace The Art of E-commerce with your tagline
define(‘SITE_TAGLINE’, ‘Best of All’);

Now your page title will look like
My Store Best of All

B. Meta Tags:
Zen Cart have a feature to write meta tags for each category and products and it can be done from here:

Admin -> Catalog -> Categories/Products

Here you will get a meta tag icon, click on it and start managing your meta tags.

You can Change Home Page Meta Description and Keywords from cpanel http://www.zen-cart.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=40

// Home Page Only:
define(‘HOME_PAGE_META_DESCRIPTION’, ‘Description’);
define(‘HOME_PAGE_META_KEYWORDS’, ‘Keywords’);

C. Canonical Redirect for Zen Cart:
Similar to other Content Management Systems we can make use of .htaccess file for making redirections, writing static (SEO friendly URLs) URLs and solving the canonical issue.

Plugin’s For Zen Cart:

If you don’t want to put your hands in coding there are various plug-in and extension available with Zen Cart CMS which can be easily installed and used to optimize the Zen cart Website to rank well in search engines ranking like Google and Bing.

For Zen Cart SEO friendly URLs we can use “Ultimate SEO URL” or “Magic SEO URLS”.

Find More Zen Cart Plugin’s here.

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