Your Site Is Out Of Rank With Your Own Content – Use The New Google Scraper Report


If you are a website owner then you must consider that your site hasn’t duplicate content. You need to know the fact what is actually mean by Scraper Sites. The meaning is so simple, scraper sites refers a site is having the duplicate information or content in technical terms. If your site lays the content as same as based on others site, and you published the particular content as your own source URL along with on your own blog. This kind of the tactics has been banned many years ago for the webmasters. And your site’s ranking can affect on Google’s search result pages.

So you obviously think that the originally created content must rank well in order to scraper one site. On the other hand, I would like to include that I have been noticed; few scraper sites rank well, even better than the sites are having the original content by using the spam methods to get the rank well.

Now Google looks active for these concern incidents, meanwhile by considering the fact Google launched a new Scraper Report Form, where the webmasters can Submit The Report direct to Google, where this particular site has been used the copied content or duplicate content on their own, whereas webmasters also need to submit the source URL, where from that particular site stolen the content.

At the same time also says make sure the webmasters are following the webmasters guidelines before submitting the report. Do you think scraper sites are being more challenging than the past? It’s not absolutely true but could be a part of this fact.

Google brings up these steps just to make de-index the scraper sites through the help of webmasters in order to maintain the value of their Algorithms.

Below you can see the steps that can help you for the same as mentioned above:

1. Go to the Google’s Scraper Report Page.

2. Put the source URL in first text box, where form the content belongs.

3. In the second text box you need to type the URL of scraper site.

4. In next text box you need to copy and paste the search result page URL.

5. Next just click on check box.

6. Finally just click on Submit Button.

Right here below you can see the snapshot of Google’s Scraper Report Page that certainly can help for your aspects.


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