Yahoo’s New Updates for Its Local Search Results.


Recently Yahoo updated (tip from Google) its Search process to make it easier to find the necessary facts for any business based in the U.S. right on its search engine results page.

If you come to search for local content on Yahoo, they know you are looking for a change or to take any relevant action upon your local content. If you are looking for a Hotel, your first desire to peruse the menu, and may you able to make reservations. At the same time, if you are looking for a dentist, you would likely to know whether the office is near to you and they welcome new patients.

Now with this new modification in Yahoo, you will see a snapshot of the business alongside, whether you are looking for a hotel, a nearest dentist clinic, your local restaurant or nearest mall shopping centers. You will get all the relevant information like a overview of a particular company, photos, hours of operation, parking facility and lot more along with a appearance of larger map that display on the sidebar, this will help you to find the location nearest to you.

In a simple word you can say, you can get all the relevant information in more detail in order to your local search but this time only for U.S. At the same time Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer this is not a first time that Yahoo borrowed this concept form Google like Gmail and applied to redesigning Yahoo Mail.

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