Yahoo’s Big Achievement in Search Product That Could Smash Google?


Yahoo attains big Achievements in Search Product Aviate Beta that would be providing “contextual” app search for mobile phone users, meanwhile Marissa Ann Mayer the President and CEO of Yahoo disclosed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) today – We look forward to prepare Aviate a major part of our Android–based exposure in this year and so on, at the same time she added intended to endure towards modernization on the particular product.

In general terms, contextual search quite contradictory from regular search that the internet users know to search on Google basically. On the contrary it’s not just relevant to the matching the keyword and ranking behalf on links for the site information and content as well.

Google made impact us to search in such a way if you want to search an specific information you need to just type the relevant keyword and your information appears before you, but Aviate Beta version will be providing you the platform to search in order to as you communicate naturally that you use in your daily life, even that is non- specific abstract, like “Where, I can find a better place for vacation?” that is beyond the regular search as we do in Google Search (Latent Search).

The primary target is that all this kind of services will be avail in your Mobile (Android- based) Apps. And that application will help you to deliver you such Contextual Search in future.


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