Yahoo to activate dormant email ids, plans to bounce back

Yahoo has been revamping its products recently and this time it is the mail service,Yahoo mail, which has been a big hit once. In an attempt to bring back users to its email service, the company has decided to release inactive email IDs which has not been under use for more than a year. The company also mentioned that dysfunctional email IDs will be provided by the user which gives them a last chance to use their existing eyahoomail_post2mail addresses again.

Yahoo has been on a revival spree recently with the acquisition of social networking site, Tumblr, as well as refreshing its home page and Flickr services. According to sources, the dormant email ids will be released for identification after July 15 unless the account is accessed before that. The email ids will be activated from mid August onwards and user can resume to use their defunct email addresses again, a company source added. Yahoo has been losing users to its rivals in market like Gmail and Microsoft email services.

The company is hopeful that this attempt will help in regaining its old user base back as well as bring the company back into the stiff competition. Yahoo also added that users will also be able to log into other Yahoo services as well using the same user id. It seems like the company’s CEO, Marrisa Mayer is trying her best to revive the drowning company back on track.




Source : Google