Yahoo introduces new toolbar, available for all browsers


Yahoo has started bringing out new products with a strong  technical team on-board, thanks to its latest acquisitions. The internet giant has launched a new version of the Yahoo toolbar for web browsers which Yahoo! announced recently. The earlier version of the toolbar was supported for all browsers except Google Chrome but the newer version has been enhanced with chrome support.

Yahoo! recently closed its shutter for all its offering to browser extensions along with a lot other services, most of them launched pre-Marissa Mayer days. Although the updated toolbar launches in the US as of now, Yahoo! plans to roll it out globally soon. "The browser is your window to the world, and it’s your way of navigating the things that you do daily. The Yahoo! Toolbar helps you get to what matters the most to you – faster and easier." as stated by Yahoo’s product manager, Umesh Joshi. The toolbar will carry options such as quick access to search, email, weather info, financial news along with social media integration as well as app support irrespective of any page in the browser.

Yahoo! has been seen working hard in acquiring its long lost position across the world wide web with a long list of acquisitions made recently to strengthen its team as well as a refreshed products line up.

Source: Yahoo News

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