Yahoo follows Bing way, implements pop-up notification for child abuse in its Search Engine

Yahoo has also followed the Bing way and the company has started throwing pop-out errors to British internet users searching for child pornography and abuse. The changes came after Britain Prime Minister, James Cameron, requested top notch internet companies to fight aggressively against child abuse and remove all illicit contents from search results.
Google had taken a leap recently by blocking contents of images related to child abuse from its search results following hue and cry from the global media fighting to curb child pornography. Bing also followed the yahoo-follows-bing-way-implements-pop-up-notification-for-child-abusecrowd by implementing a pop up in its browser for people searching for child pornography along with counseling services. Yahoo has finally implemented the same in its search engine which will pop up a warning to users like Bing. Any such content will activate the Bing Notification Platform which will produce an on-screen notification intimating users that child abuse content is illegal.
Although Google declined to follow its rivals, the company has been involved in anti trafficking efforts with a huge investment in its bucket. Recently the search engine jargon had pledged $5 million for curbing child abuse and pornography.

Source: Google News

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