Yahoo focuses on mobile internet users, upgrades Tumblr free storage to a Terabyte !

Yahoo has been playing hard with its latest acquisitions to soar back into search and social networking business and this time the company plans to introduce more search features in its Search tool as well as update  its newly acquired micro blogging site, Tumblr.
yahoo-focuses-on-mobile-internet-users-upgrades-tumblr-free-storage-to-a-terabyteYahoo has reported that it will retain the brand of the social networking site so as to cash in more users into Tumblr which is a look-alike of another hot cake, Twitter. Although not successful so far, the micro blogging site provides users with an elaborate dashboard where in users can post contents like in Facebook and Google plus. Yahoo has also upgraded it’s photo sharing social network, Flickr, recently by revamping the home page as well as increasing the storage for user accounts up to a terabyte. Flicker has a strong hold in India with almost 25 lakhs users.Hari Vasudev, Vice President and Head of Yahoo! India R&D, said that Yahoo has been getting a huge response after it stared rolling out changes to its products and that is evident by the number of new users. He also expressed that the company is looking for enthusiastic developers for it’s mobile applications development  who can devote themselves in providing quality applications.
Yahoo has been seen turning its focus into mobile app development lately to adapt itself in the booming mobile market. Vasudev also added that, "We are focusing on mobile Internet users. We estimate that about 30 crore people will access Internet over their mobile devices by 2015 as against 11.8 crore now globally. This, in turn, would spur the development of apps .”


Source: Yahoo News

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