Yahoo fills its shopping bag with yet another buy-out, Social Browser maker Rockmelt


It has been exciting initially, it continued to surprise the entire tech fraternity with its acquisitions and now it has turned into a eye-widening topic as Yahoo Inc. continues to gulp down firms around the globe. Yahoo has confirmed the buy-out of Rockmelt, a company known for its social browser which was launched a few years back. Based on the Google’s Chromium project, the social media browser was launched in 2010 which supports social media integration as well as widgets for other content providers.

Yahoo announced the news of acquisition stating that "We have acquired Rockmelt, a company dedicated to make browsing the internet faster and more fun. Yahoo! and Rockmelt share a common goal to help people discover the best content from around the web. We plan to integrate the Rockmelt technology into Yahoo!’s experiences, and the Rockmelt team will help us to reimagine how we deliver our media content in new and exciting ways.” Yahoo has already announced that the app from Rockmelt will come down after August and also has stopped accepting new signups. Although terms and conditions of the deal is yet not disclosed, there is an insider news that the deal has fetched Rockmelt between $50-60 million. Yahoo also launched a picture of the Rockmelt team with its workforce wearing purple tees.

Marissa Mayer has definitely set the company on fire with spending huge pile of cash in buy-outs and upbringing a strong force of technicians to bring the ailing company back into action.


Source: WebProNews