Yahoo continues with its shopping spree, eyes Qwiki now

Marissa Meyer has been working a lot in revamping once-a-preciding tech giant Yahoo from its falling shares. The internet corporation is reportedly in talks with Qwiki, maker of popular apps for iOS, in aacquiring the same. The deal has been fixed for a whopping $50 million but its yet not been officialy disclosed.

Qwiki, a New york based start up,is known for its iOS app that clubs photos, sounds and video clips into short movies. The report also mentioned that Qwiki, which is estimated at $50 million, would be similar to other start up acquisitions by Yahoo which are also below $100 million mark. For your information, Yahoo had recently acquired Tumblr, a micro blogging platform as well as social networking site at a price of $1 billion. Tumblr is being operated by Tumblr Inc which hosts over 108 million blogs.

Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, has been on a acquisition spree recently with most of them being start up purchases and eventually diverting engineering resources from the firms for Yahoo’s expanding portfolio of mobile apps. Yahoo recently updated its Search Engine with a handful performance enhancements to reconstruct itself in the internet search platform currently ruled by Google and Microsoft.


Yahoo continues its shopping spree eyes Qwiki now


Source: Google

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