Yahoo acquires email provider Xobni, second purchase in a week !

Yahoo continues to be the talk of the town these days with news of its acquisition spree still continuing to be the headlines of news. This time the internet giant is in talks to acquire email productivity provider, XobnYahoo acquires email provider Xobni, second purchase in a weeki. The deal has been priced for more than $30 million but sources are yet to confirm on the amount. If true, this will be Yahoo’s second most major purchase in a week after taking over Bignoggins Productions , a mobile app development based start up. Sources from Xobni has revealed that users will be able to avail services from Yahoo with an added flavor from Xobni.

Yahoo has indeed coughed out a substantial amount of cash lately from it’s huge pile of cash reserve in acquiring a handful of firms associated in mobile app development. The acquisition spree started with acquiring Tumblr whose purchase culminated just last month. The company also acquired a handful start ups like Qwiki, a mobile video app and Bignoggins as well. Yahoo has indeed worked hard in jazzing up its service through its products and the wildfire started after it’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, took over the ailing company last year.

Xobni is a software to improve the functionality of customers’ email by an easier search and discoverable user contacts including the ones absent in the address book. According to a report, Yahoo Mail will soon introduce services from Xobni and customers will soon be able to use the added advantages and service from the email productivity provider.


Source: Google

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