What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in simple terms, is referred to a technique used to get traffic on a website or a particular web page through Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) of different search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


In Layman’s Language, if one has a business online, and have a website for that, and wishing to promote it in terms of business, traffic or other prospects – That person may choose search engine optimization. The search results may include Organic (natural or free) or Inorganic (paid or pay per click) listings.


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For example, if a user on search engine such as Google searches a "term" that may be a "word", "phrase" or "keyword", and if it is related to your business then your efforts should be done in providing that searcher or user, the information about your business at first. That’s how the chain works, Whoever does the best search engine optimization wins the race.

In the same context Google has added that if you wish to compete well in the online market, and want to rank well in Search Engines, you may opt some good firms, companies or freelancers who are real good at SEO.

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You may go through "General Guidelines by Google". In which you are properly guided via exact rules and steps to be followed while choosing a Good SEO Company.

The SEO process may include optimizing different searches such as web search, local search, image search, video search, news search, maps search or any other industry-specific searches.

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The real SEO strategy, in terms of digital marketing, involves the understanding of search engines from the basics to depth. Everything in search engine works according to a search term or keyword or phrase used to be searched. The more a keyword is searched, the more is its traffic and the more will be competition for the websites to stay at same position or to gain or lose at some.


Usually, SEO companies divides this process as On-page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization of webpages. On-page involves optimizing web pages separately of a website like meta tags, anchor text, URL optimization, editing content or other HTML tags for the pages. Whereas, the Off-page involves promoting those pages to gain more traffic through various tactics such as increasing backlinks, inbound links.


Some of the companies uses Black hat techniques to gain the target. But, that lasts no longer, as the search engines like Google are much intelligent to detect those tactics. A Good and Genuine SEO company makes its efforts towards optimizing the web pages of a website in accordance with a search engine and a user both but with “White Hat SEO Techniques” only. Whether its hard to adopt patience to gain traffic. But, people looking for a long term, stable and improved benefits, must opt a wise SEO firm.


The white hat techniques simply involve those rules which are accepted by search engines and users both, and decides how genuine you are in every sense. Google, with the similar motto, has provided a lot of supports to guide the right path to its users with the best possible assistance. And, hence standing strict against negative SEO.


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Lot of good blogs, forums or  articles have been made and are daily updated related to search engine optimization.

Few of them are as:

1. Matt Cutts 

2. SEO Round Table 

3. Search Engine Land

4. SEO Moz

5. Search Engine Journal

6. Webpro News

7. Aim Clear Blog

8. Webmaster World

9. SEO Book Blog


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Some Good and Free SEO Tools are as:

1. Google Webmaster Tools

2. SEO Book

3. SEO Tools

4. Web Confs

5. SEO Moz Tools

6. My SEO Tool



Search Engine Land have suggested:

:: Periodic Table of SEO ::

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