What is Online Reputation Management or ORM?


Let us start with basic meaning of online reputation management.


online reputation management

This is a method which includes measuring, monitoring and giving positive direction to conversations regarding a particular brand on the internet. With boundaries dimming around the world and internet becoming a major source of learning about brands and products through consumer generated media, there is bound to be both positive and negative reviews and talks about any particular product or service. Thus the need to monitor and protect a brand’s reputation on the internet can not be denied. And this is where ORM comes in the picture.

This method involves listening or rather reading every online conversation about the brand and understanding the reason behind the conversation. The next step in online reputation management is to interacting with the consumers to promote positive reviews and to reduce any damage to the brand as a result of negative feedback about the product, service or brand.


reputation management

A good online reputation goes a long way in increasing traffic to the company’s website, more sales which equal more profits and more return on investments.



The basic ORM method includes being proactive, optimizing the content appropriately, monitoring the search results regularly and being ready to spring into action if something negative comes up. A successful online reputation management campaign would help convey the intended message to the target audience of their clients without obstacles and help build a positive reputation for the client’s brand.


A few SEO firms in India also provide clients with online reputation management services. They provide clients with search engine reputation management, web reputation management and corporate reputation management. The experts at leading firms build a custom made strategy to maximize the results in terms of getting the negative content down and later on off of the internet as well as search results and/or drowning it in positive content.

The experts develop new positive content such as user reviews and post positive commentary already in circulation on the internet and also take legal action where trademark or copyright violations have occurred. The firms understand that once negative content is pushed down to page four or lower, it virtually ceases to exist and thus they use their full array of resources to push the positive contents, blogs, reviews, business listings on to the front pages of the search engines.

The importance of online reputation management is huge and businesses should take steps to manage it well.

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