Website not ready for Google ?

A website with an “exact match domain” (EMD) is just the start.

seo for google

Many Website Owners find it difficult to sort out:


Question 1: Why our website is lacking behind other websites, even though we have more traffic, more quality website, equipped with every rules to be followed for an Ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


Question 2: I have been taking services from a professional SEO Firm, who are doing well but not up to the mark. What else do I need to look for ?


Question 3: I can’t take the risk of getting my website marked as spam by taking the services from SEO firms doing Unethical SEO even though with faster results. So, What should I do ?


Question 4: Do you have any recommendation for a Professional, Ethical, Result-Oriented SEO Company, on which I can have rely blind completely but satisfactory?


Answer to All: First you should be clear at your business objectives of why have you become online.


Then, be clear on its platforms where you can achieve the success you are looking for (here platforms are referred as search engines such as Google).


However, after all this you need to submit your website on major search engines such as Google. And, then comes the next step i.e., promoting your website to get on top of Google to be searched more for the service you are providing.


Then, comes a big hurdle: To choose an All-in-one SEO firm.


For this you must be cleared at What is SEO ?


Then, again polish your needs accordingly. Its  for sure you are close to success, what you should look for while hiring an SEO Company.


Getting found on Google in itself is a big platform achievement that include various procedures that a good SEO company knows well.


As, a final step Just pick the best SEO company filtered out as a result of your thorough reading about SEO understanding these factors.


SEO for Google: Tips & Tricks 


Best Wishes for your success,


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