Video SEO: 10 Ways to utilize Video SEO Optimization for maximum Online Business Gains

In recent times, video SEO has scored immensely over the traditional SEO methods in bringing the websites on the top of the search page rankings. With the rise of a plethora of video sharing and hosting websites, this latest SEO strategy has enabled the masses to benefit in their respective businesses.


Among all the sites, YouTube is considered as the major source of online videos. However, people opting for YouTube video SEO or Google video SEO may not get the lion’s share of profits as the indexing in such a case is only restricted to the videos uploaded on YouTube and Google videos. To enhance the frequency of indexing, it is therefore good to host your video on multiple video search engines.


Where to host your videos?

Search video from AOL, Microsoft’s Live, Blinkx, the new entrant in video search engines, Ask and Excite are among the most sought after search engines that could help in increasing the visibility of your video and hence the website on a global platter. Yahoo Video Search is the most capable and result oriented video search engine among all and holds an upper hand over others in the league. It strives to accommodate the video information from all across the world in its search engines.


Whether on Yahoo videos, You Tube, Google videos or any other video site, you can host your video with all the informative content such as product promotional videos, training videos, screen shots, animated power point slides or the actual video footage. Visitors will definitely be helped from all these, but for them to be visible on Google, an accurate title and informative meta-data descriptions hold the key.



Effective video SEO techniques

video optimization seo Video SEO optimization involves carefully planned strategies to rear abundant gains from YouTube, Google and other sites offering video SEO services. Below are some important tips that could assist you in getting your site top rankings in video search engines and also in the blended search results that include displaying videos and images towards the top of the traditional search engines:


1. While uploading or sharing your video on a site, try to offer them in maximum possible video formats. This ensures that the video is being watched by maximum number of online visitors.


2. Provide all the video information skillfully. Mention the format types you are offering along with the platform, software support, and download times if possible.


3. Host the video on YouTube. This ensures that your video is 100{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} sure to be indexed in Google search engines. Though it does not promises top search page rankings, still it is a kind of acknowledgement from Google that it is aware of your content.


4. Both the page title tag and the video title should be identical so as to increase the chances of getting higher positions in the search results.


5. Take care to use suitable keywords in the filename, URL, page titles, meta-tag description. At the same time, avoid usage of connecting words such as and, a, the, is, etc.


6. For commercial sites, it is important to cite company name and logo at appropriate locations.


7. In the link text, instead of Click here, use the most suitable keywords otherwise it is just the wastage of an important location from the video SEO marketing point of view.


8. Use customized SEO methods to optimize the video’s presentation page and also provide a textual transcript of audio and video content.


9. Make your video more informative with the proper RSSS feeds. Use some standard sign or mark to cite originality of your content like a logo or water mark.


10. Upload your video in as many online destinations as possible. You never know where your potential clients are, so in order to enhance the chances of your video being visited by the targeted visitors and also by the search engines, place it in all the known video hosting sites.


With a stiff competition among the websites to get superior rankings over the major search engines, the traditional SEO techniques are not sufficient enough. To get your site indexed in the search engine databases, video SEO optimization has taken the driver’s seat and has helped legions of webmasters to climb up in the search results. With video SEO, you are sure to be noticed from the who’s who of your respective field; the outcome in terms of enormous ROI is evident.

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