Tweets Result Goes Massively Viral Google Itself Is A “Scraper Site”



Perhaps you know the Scraper Site, what does it mean. Yesterday Google’s head spam Matt Cutts said Scraper Sites are not a good result in terms of when a scraper site rank well whereas the originating content site is out of rank. To stop such issue Google launched Google Scraper Report Page, by using this webmasters can report against the scraper site.

On the contrary a Tweet “digital marketer Dan Barker” goes massively viral by shoeing; How Google itself a Scraper Site? People from different places criticize that Google is itself doing the same thing like, borrow the content from others site and show in the search result in its own.

Barker spoke that its beyond as you think in terms of SEO, when you type “what is a scraper site” you will be surprised, consider in the snapshot mentioned above , look at there, Google’s own web definition is appearing at the top in search result whereas the originating content source, Wikipedia, is showing below.

Meanwhile, Google says that Google does link to Wikipedia in its excerpt. At the same time, Google is concerned about the whole scale copied content form the others site rather than use as excerpt.

On the contrary you might have considered that Google has been brought large amount of content from others site like Web definition, direct answers, knowledge graph box answers. But the critics must follow the Google tail that is for sure.

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