Tweak Alert: Google testing OneBox changes for News listing

Google is currently testing a few vital changes to be implemented soon in the search results page for Google News listings. According to a report from Google Operating System, the search engine giant is testing the new Google News OneBox change which it plans to introduce shortly.

Basically there will be two major changes both of which might result in reduction of natural search result listing for many keyword searches. Google Search used to generate thumbnail images along side the search results but now on Google plans to replace it by a significantly larger image that takes up far more on-page real estate in the search engine results page.  Although the larger image might be of help in case of breaking news but analysts fear that such images will be redundant and detracting from the natural search results, where as the images are expected to have a fairly significant click-through rates. Removal of multiple links for news search results and replacing them with a single direct link in its search results page is what Google plans to implement as well as a part of its OneBox change.

Although the changes are still under testing as stated by the report, with this new style of integrated news listings coming to Google Search, Google is definitely pushing more users to news results from its natural search results.

Tweak Alert  Google testing OneBox changes for News

Source: Google

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