Tracking of ads to go stricter, Google considering massive change


Google is reportedly working on a major change in its online tracking of advertisements that might jolt up the entire digital advertising company which carries a massive $120 billion in head. According to the report, the tech giant is developing an anonymous identifier for tracking advertising which might replace the existing third party cookies which make way for advertisers to display ads accordingly.

Codenamed AdID, or advertisement identifier, is currently being tested in Google’s tech savvy labs. Sources close to the project has depicted that the AdID would be transmitted to advertisers and ad networks that have agreed to basic guidelines, giving consumers more privacy and control over how they browse the web. Although Google will for sure reach out to industry participants, government bodies and consumer groups before making it public, there will be concerns in the digital advertisement industry about such a system that shifts more of its benefits and controls to operators like Google. Users will have more control over how they are being tracked online, if Google goes by the new innovative approach.

Google gets a big bite of revenue with more than one third coming from online ad revenue and the new identifier could turn out to be a game changer for the company if implemented.


Source: Google News

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