The Upcoming trends of Google Search and the Internet of Everything – Google’s Scott Huffman.


Recently in an Interview, Google’s Engineering Director Scott Huffman, shared his thoughts that in upcoming days people reach out with Technology likely to be a discussion and typing their questions into a box however it will be obsolete.


Rather than keyboards, people will be using microphones and speakers in the celing recording communications to direct questions and answers process like Star Trek computer.

star trek computer10

He says “Computing is becoming so inexpensive that it’s inevitable that there will be a ubiquity of connected devices around us, from our lapel to our car to Google Glass [a new optical head-mounted computer],” and it will play a role like your personal assistant and will gather relevant information that you want.

google glass

At the same time Huffman includes that the people who have been working on search over the decades the heck of typing into Google’s search will gradually reduce. Your information can be broadcast through a “wearable device” providing the features you to interact through your voice.

He also recommends upon the user’s privacy and security, this would be our primary aspect towards user’s information. His team adds: “Google is likely to understand context in discussions but it’s not an armchair psychiatrist. Google can’t interfere in this matters about how I feel about things until it understands factual ‘things’. We’re just getting started understanding ‘things’ in the world”.

Source: Google’s future ceiling and microchips

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