Street View inside a giant A-380 ! Google brings it on

Google has gone to extreme heights to cover up the entire planet and its spectacular view points under its lens and this time the Maps division of the tech savvy company has launched Street View imagery from inside a plane. The plane non other than the gigantic flight from Airbus as well as the largest existent commercial aircraft ever built, the mighty Airbus A-380.

street-view-inside-a-giant-a-380-degree-google-brings-it-onThe imagery has been launched by Google’s Business Photos Program. To those who are unaware of the program, Google allows commercial establishments across the globe to share their business with the million users sitting world wide in internet with 360 degree interactive tour so that their business could be seen online thus luring customers to their shops. The service from Google has received wide accolade from businesses which were fruitful from the service by Google. The pictures of the A-380 are elegant and those comes from Dubai International Airport. Google also recently added a lot many street views of historical monuments as well as engineering marvels like the Burj Khalifa of Dubai and the Eiffel Towers of Paris.

Google engages its ‘Trusted Photographers’ in operating within the Google Business Photos program and the views are recorded under the lens of the company. The Street View could be accessed via this link.

Source: Google Maps