‘Skip Redirect’ing tweaked, Google changes guidelines for mobile SERPs

Google has tweaked as to how Skip Redirect should work on smartphones search engine result pages. Now on, it will also use the rel-alternate-media annotations as recommended in Google’s guidelines on separate mobile URLs. For your information, Skip Redirect is employed when Google changes the link target if it exists in a smartphone optimized page rather than the usual desktop urls.

skip-redirecting-tweaked-google-changes-guidelines-for-mobile-serpsAccording to Google’s Pierre Far, "In this case, even if the desktop page doesn’t automatically redirect to the smartphone page, if we discover valid annotations linking the desktop and smartphone pages, our algorithms may still change the link target shown in the search results to point directly to the smartphone page. I know many webmasters asked me about this exact thing, and now you can be happy.” Accordingly, Google changes the url in the HTML rather than changing the URL that was displayed. On the contrary, the rel-alternate-media annotations displays as well as link search results to the smartphone URL. Launched in late 2011, the feature has helped mobile URLs to showcase themselves in the search engine results page when user searches for any websites from their mobility devices.

The new development was announced in a blog post from the Webmaster Central blog.

Source: WebProNews

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