SEOmoz Webinar-“Mozinar” January 10, 2013: Hosted By Monique Pouget


On January, 10, 2013, Monique Pouget, Director of Content Marketing at Thunder SEO, successfully Hosted the SEOmoz Webinar aka Mozinar.




The news went confirmed by PR Web that the Director of Content Marketing at Thunder SEO, Monique Pouget, would be hosting the SEOmoz Mozinar going to held on January 10, 2013 online.



The Mozinar went around 1.5 hours long. The Topic covered was:

Building a Community Without a Big Ass Budget.


Though it has been already stated in our previous posts that Content is King. Hence, Gabblet already guessed that this king would be covered by Hook or Crook. Finally, the emphasis in the Webinar was given mostly on the Content Strategy rather than Marketing. Monique made her point for the difference between content marketing and content Strategy with a funny Tweet.

SEO India

Showing her concern for the same, she summarized the Planning into act through 6 steps.

seo india company

Why Big Ass? – On this she clarified that there might be different Budget for various Businesses that may include Mid-Sized or Lower Sized Businesses. In support to them she added if one goes for a smart work rather than just Investing Blindly then he must follow few points:

Doing Competitive Research: During this research you may choose which content is performing well in your space.


In the 13th slide she recommended Pinterest for Content Research, best suitable in the present competition and getting an idea about the future content.


Meanwhile she also suggested some good Bloggers or Freelancers to fulfill for your needs and expectations.


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