SEO Tips: Website internal linking methods – hierarchical linking

Hierarchical linking


Hierarchical linking technique is used where one or more pages on your site (such as the home page) are considered more important than other pages. Website’s important pages are linked to from all other pages in the site, but not all pages cross-link between each other. This concentrates Google Page Rank on your most important pages. Most sites should use a hierarchical linking structure, whereby the home page and the most important product, service, or content pages are linked to more often than other pages are. In this way, you can increase the chance that your most important page is ranked the highest on Google or any other search engine for your most important keyword phrase. The following figure illustrates this concept.



Hierarchical linking – only important page(s) get links from every other page


The home page typically has the highest PR value as this is the page most often linked to, both externally and internally. This may not be ideal if your home page is nothing but a splash page or contains little content. In this case, you should redesign your home page to include more content and make it more relevant to Google (and to your visitors). If this is not possible, you should re-link internally to your most important keyword-relevant content page(s).


Note: In the preceding figure that the About Us page is only linked to from a

single page. This is because the About Us page is not nearly as important (as far as

relevant content related to theme, topic and keywords) as the other pages. So why

funnel precious PR value to it – instead flow PR value out of the page back to the

home page.



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