SEO Tips: Website Internal Link Structure

Besides the title of a page, Google places special importance on the use of keywords in the text of links. This means you need to structure your links correctly.


Ideally, you should only use text links on your site as opposed to graphical “button”links. Google looks for keywords contained in link anchor text – the clickable portion of the link. Google cannot see graphics-based links – all it has to go on is the ALT attribute for image tags, which doesn’t carry as much weight.


Keywords in link text should match keywords found on the page that the link points to – especially in the title of the page.


Here is an example of the ideal link structure for Google. Of primary importance is the use of keywords in link anchor text (text between the <A HREF> </A> tags). Note also the use of keywords in the actual name of the graphics file. Text-Based (Ideal) Link Structure


Text-Based (Ideal) Link Structure:

<A HREF=”your-keywords.html”>your keywords</A>

If you must use graphics-based links on your web pages, be sure and fill in the ALT text attribute of the image tag as follows:

Graphics Link Structure:

<A HREF=”your-keywords.html”>

<IMG SRC=”your-keywords.gif” ALT=”your keywords” BORDER=”0”></A>


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