SEO Tips: The Importance of Title Tag Text

There is one place on a web page where your keywords MUST be present, and that is in the page title, which is everything between the <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of a page. The page title (not to be confused with the heading for a page) is what is displayed in the title bar of your browser, and is also what is displayed when you bookmark a page or add it to your browser Favorites


Correct use of keywords in the title of every page of your website is important to Google – particularly for the home page. If you do nothing else to optimize your site, do this!


The "Keywords" META tag is ignored by Google. Concentrate your efforts on the title for each page, making sure they contain the best keywords for the content of each page.


The title shouldn’t consist of much more than about 9 words or 65 characters, with your keywords used toward the beginning of the title. Since Google is looking for relevant keywords in the title, this means you should NOT include your company name in the title unless your company name is so well known as to be a keyword in it’s own right with instant name recognition – like Disney, Nike, or Yahoo. If you must include your company name in the title, put it at the end. In addition, each page title should be unique – don’t duplicate titles on pages.


Improper or nonexistent use of titles in web pages keep more websites out of top rankings on Google than any other factor except for a lack of quality links from other websites that point to your site.


The following table shows both the improper and proper use of titles for a website that sells house plans. You undoubtedly have seen numerous websites that use “Home” as the title of their home page. Google may think these sites are about homes!


Web pageImproper TitleProper Title
Home page“Home”

“Unique house plans, home plans & home


Contact page“Contact us”“Contact us for questions about our house plans”
About page“About us”“We are all about house plans”
Links page“Links”“Links to more information about house plans”


As you can see, you should use relevant keywords in every title of every page of

your site. Most people get this wrong. Do a search for “Welcome to”, “Home”, “Home

page”, “Untitled Document”, or “index.html” and you’ll see what I mean about

incorrect use of TITLE text.

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