SEO Success Metrics – Track Performance of SEO Campaign in 3 Steps

SEO Company IndiaIt is very important to track your ongoing SEO campaign to know where you were, where you are and where you are tending to. Tracking metrics will help you know whether the SEO techniques applied by you are worth doing or now there is a time to make changes.

By analyzing 3 basic steps you will have a clear view of your SEO campaign:


Check Unique Pages:

Unique pages include non duplicate pages of the website crawled by the search bots or spiders (googlebot, msnbot etc.).


Calculate Index to Crawl Ratio:

This is the ratio of pages indexed by search engines to unique (non-duplicate) web pages crawled by spiders. It is not necessary that if a page is crawled by spiders then it will also appear in the organic search results. Therefore, higher the Index to crawl ratio better is the website performing and vice-versa.


Page Yield:

This is the total percentage of the unique pages contributing in driving the traffic to the website in a particular time period. So buy analyzing this you will come up with the pages of the website which requires more attention and which need to be maintained.

You can measure your website performance daily, weekly or in monthly basis as per campaign priority.

The SEO campaign success tracking metrics can be maintain as follows:



Week 1 (Base)

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Unique Page Crawled


Index to Crawl Ratio


Page Yield


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