SEO Resolution 2013


We have entered 2013 and most of us would be starting the New Year with some or the other resolution.
Why should SEO be far behind?

seo resolution 2013

Let us discuss a few SEO resolutions for 2013 too. Since internet marketing which has taken the business world by storm and in it Search Engine Optimization is a growing method let us discuss a few dos and don’ts for having an optimal SEO plan in 2013.


Businesses all around the world are hiring the best SEO experts who can help them craft an SEO campaign in 2013 which would help them not only attract target traffic but also beat their competitors. For this reason, there is huge demand of SEO companies all around the world who help their clients with search engine optimization. Thus, with the presence of so many SEO companies, it is but natural to get perplexed as to which to choose. With the start of the New Year let us keep a few things in mind before choosing a company which will help us build a winning SEO campaign:


  1. One of the most important things in any SEO campaign is to first understand your Business: Purpose & Prospects, and the market model in which the business is competing and then analyse the most frequently used keywords and search queries which the target customer of the business uses. It is also important to mention here that good SEO companies also try to understand the intent behind the target users’ searches so that they can optimize the website with these points in mind.

  2. The second step which needs to be emphasised to keep up with our SEO resolution 2013 is to use both on-page and off-page optimization for the landing page of the website as well as all the other pages of the website too. a slight lack in either of the two would not deliver the desired results and thus businesses looking for an SEO campaign in 2013 should insist on both the methods.

  3. This should be followed by quality back links to the website by providing high quality, relevant links which are guaranteed to enhance the ranking of a website in search engines. Once these procedures are over, the website should be submitted.

  4. The SEO resolution 2013 should follow up the above mentioned steps by making sure that the SEO firm provides regular on-going optimization by using methods such as articles, blogs, social media, advertising and press releases to spread the word about the website, registering with directory submissions and other methods. They should also be continuously monitoring the website and providing regular reports to the clients.


Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, businesses can make sure that they are not taken for a ride by the SEO firms and are getting the best SEO campaign possible.

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