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Are you looking for SEO to rank your travel website in top?

The travel space is growing increasingly competitive and with a only around a quarter of visitors to a website via direct navigation, that leaves a lot of people using travel-website-seo search engines to find a travel website. SEO for tour & travel sites takes a unique approach to search engine optimization specialized for travel industry. SEO mainly focuses on the travel industry and built on relationships within the digital community in order to provide clients with fantastic results that are long term and sustainable. A few SEO agencies for travel websites, like SEO India, specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and search marketing technologies thus building a social network to promote travel companies as well as travel agents in showcasing their products online. SEO packages for travel websites ensure that travel websites are visible in search engines with top rankings with the help of high quality website optimization and ethical link popularity campaigns.


Gabblet in Travel Industry

Pioneers in SEO experience for travel industry, Gabblet, has come a way across and the firm believes to have a handful of elite clients in this business for which SEO India has successfully delivered results in broad range. According to them, there are important factors to consider while applying SEO for travel websites

Keyword research: This is one of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration while using SEO techniques for a travel website. These are the words which people will type into search engines to find business through. The most targeted a key phrase is, the closer the prospect is to the point of sale. Hence the preciseness in selection of keywords and optimizing it using SEO for a travel website will determine the traffic and hence increment in sale.

Some Important elements:

  • Content: One of the search engine giants, Google, holds the importance of content in a very high cognizance. According to their algorithm, content for a website must be looked at and should be the best and unique. Thus, SEO always looks for a relevant content for the travel websites.
  • Site map creation: According to SEO agencies, a site map creation for travel websites helps in indexing the website more efficiently and it makes sure all relevant information is indexed.
  • Uniform Resource Locator: Purchasing a keyword rich URL actually helps while optimizing using SEO techniques for travel websites.
  • Social media: Advertising in Social media can be really fruitful for a healthy business as the third most populated place among all is the social media and this doesn’t need brainstorming for SEO managers but it helps in marketing products for travel agents.


Gabblet India, is another dynamic digital marketing agency who specializes in search engine optimization or SEO for travel websites. With their frequent market analysis and reporting, Gabblet has been successfully delivering proven results to travel agents and boosting their sales. The firm believes that there are a few do-not’s while optimizing using SEO techniques for travel websites like:

  • Over optimization, where in it could raise suspicion with search engines and even get penalized
  • Duplicate contents, which might kill the optimization already being done
  • Spam contents, because this might lead to underestimation by customers

In a nut shell, SEO technique is a very important venture for travel websites in this growing internet market which can really boost sales as the entire turnover for a business is purely dependent on end users.