Searches ‘Not yet visited’ ?, Google brings back the filter


Google had launched a feature back in 2009 letting users to filter search results by webpages not visited till date. But due to operational issues, Google withdrew the changes after 2 years. This time the tech giant has again launched the “Not yet visited” feature but only for Google+ users. The company has stated that the changes will help users to search more efficiently. The changes come after Facebook launched its much awaited Graph Search to users recently after rigorous user testing for months.

Users shall have to log into their respective Google accounts for this new feature to work. Google will retrieve data from users’ browsing history to power this feature. The main reason behind bringing back the filter might be to check users if they are properly using the search engine tool to bring out results they are looking for. Although this might affect search results being made as well as search engine optimizers trying to optimize websites, but the search will be cleaner as Google will be retrieving users’ browsing behavior hence users might be able to see more accurate results for keywords searched for.

Although there are no official words from Google, it will be interesting to see how websites adapt to the changes so that they are benefitted.


Source: Google

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