Search Engine Land: 5 Whooping Lies to keep SEO at Status Quo

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Ian Lurie

As a Big Contributor to Search Engine Land, the Chief Marketing Curmudgeon and President,at Portent, Inc, Ian Lurie, added some major factors that are used as Whooping Lies to keep the SEO at Status Quo.

He admit him to be a little dense, saying that there occurs a possibility that things just don’t go as what they look like.

Arising many general questions from the voice of many, such as Where does the failure occur and where the success. Does it have anything related to the Internal politics? Or the Big sites are marked as success symbols.

In practical and real there’s nothing to deal with these all. In fact everything goes clueless and no one can deny that SEO Enterprise pays a very big role in the playground of SEO.

Then he added the whooping lies as follows:

1. We’ll Put Links In the footer, for the Crawlers.

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