Search Appliance from Google launched in Kenya, first in Africa to avail it


Google has launched its leading document indexing facility “Google Search Appliance” in Kenya recently for enterprise solutions. The device, manufactured by Dell, provides document indexing service that enables enterprises to retrieve information stored in different locations such as workstations, intranet as well as archive servers. Although the service was available in all developed markets since 2008, this is the first time the search engine giant has open its shop in African continent.

Google’s ongoing investment in search technology has definitely proved fruitful with the company offering customized approach to modern business search requirement such as the Search Appliance from Google. Google’s Search Appliance for enterprise solution has been serving a lot for many firms since its inception. Google has stated that it has future plans to introduce the same in other developing markets as well. Users shall have to churn out $50,000- $60,000 to avail the device along with a three-year subscription fee depending upon the size of the organization and also the data size in the network. The service was launched in Kenya by Google’s Regional Manager for Emerging Markets, Shai Morgan. The mounted device from Google is based on CentOS and is capable of searching millions of documents from a network.

Google has started rolling out its services for enterprise in developing markets what could be said as the company’s effort to set up its base in those countries.

Source: Google

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