Revamped Motorola logo, Christianized a Google company

Finally the new logo. A purported report has disclosed the new design logo for the Mobility section which was acquired by the tech giant Google in May 2012 with a staggering $12.5 billion. Finally the internet giant has googlified the billion dollar company with the mark of its stamp. However, Google hasn’t brought much other observable changes to Motorola Mobility.

Its quite evident from the new logo that Motorola will continue with its traditional “M” but now it has been enclosed under a circle with an array of colors rather than a bright red-colored circle. But the most significant change is the tagline that says “ A Google company”. For your information, Motorola had its past logo with the entire word written in bold and italics. Also there has been news that the first smartphone to come out from the company will be branded as Moto X with all its specs leaking all over the media.

It will be quite significant to watch what Google has been planning with the mobility giant in times to come.

Revamped Motorola logo Christianized a Google company


Source: Google

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