Requests for inactive email IDs open up for Yahoo! Mail

If you had your favorite email ID registered in your now deactivated Yahoo! Mail and you want to reclaim it, you have your chance now since the leading mail service company has started taking requests from its users to reclaim their inactive email addresses so that they can re use it. Earlier, Yahoo had notified its users to reactivate their inactive accounts within 30 days so as to continue using Yahoo! Mail.

requests-for-inactive-email-ids-open-up-for-yahoo-mailYahoo has been revamping its product line ups so as to lure users to experience its new services. The company has had a shopping spree churning out multi million dollars to acquire a bagful of firms. Yahoo made it clear that it was concentrating into mobile business with the firm foraying into mobile application development. Yahoo said that the company has a substantial number of old email IDs which are being made available to the rightful users although the list has not been out yet. Yahoo has also stated that users will be awarded the rights to the defunct email address for a mere 48 hours time line in which the user can either reactivate the mail account or surrender the user ID.

The opportunity to request identification began on Monday while allowing users to five different names which can be submitted here.




Source: Google News

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