Reportedly, Bing might deal for Yahoo once again

seo services IndiaeIs it really going to happen? Will Bing really do that so once again? These are the questions now days which notches everyone’s minds. Well right now no one is sure whether these news are just the rumors or true but according the report published by Business Insider on Friday it is being expected that Bing once again going to bid for yahoo. If it happens, than we will enjoy calling Bing “MicroHoo".

The website quotes an unspecified source associated with Microsoft’s MSN portal as saying "definitely, people are talking about" a deal for struggling Yahoo, which dumped Carol Bartz as chief executive earlier this month and held off a takeover bid by the software giant in 2008.

Microsoft bid for yahoo at $44.6 billion but yahoo rejected the offer, it seems that this amount is not expectable for yahoo it is looking for something more.

Mr. Ballmer said he had decided to pursue a takeover because friendly deal negotiations would most likely be protracted and would probably become public.

“These things are hard to keep quiet in the best of times,” he said. He said his conversation with Mr. Yang was constructive, but suggested that a deal may not come easily.

Yahoo said in a news release Friday that” its board would evaluate Microsoft’s bid “carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo’s strategic plans.”