Real time Search Visualization, Google Trends steals the show

Google has always been bewildering the world wide web with it’s phenomenal search engine experiments and this time the tech savvy company from California has come up with another such product, Google Trends. The company has made search data spellbinding with a visualization of real-time search trends dependent on location. The website is made up of brightly coloured dynamic squares, each typing out the latest search trend online with each tile showing  keywords for seconds until making it is blocked to make space for new search.

Google also announced last month that as a part of Google Trends they will include the link to full screen colorful display at the left hand side of hot searches. The number of tiles to be displayed has also been included in the page along with location details. Google added that the page could be adjusted to show searches from different regions and 25 searches could be displayed in the layout at a time. “Use full screen mode in your browser for the biggest, purest eye candy.” the company stated in its blog.

The visualization was released in the same time when Google announced a make over to Google Trends where in charts of most searched actors, government bodies, tourist attraction and other items from more than 40 categories can be presented. The company is yet to launch Google Trends globally.

Real time Search Visualization, Google Trends steals the show

Source: Google, Google Trends

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