Rap Genius Back to Top in Google Search Results – After Google’s Penalties.

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Recently in the last week of December 2013, One of the best lyrics site in the World Rap Genius has been blacklisted after Google Penalties and drop drastically its Rank form Google Search. But soon Google puts Rap Genius at Top position in Search. But the question arise for SEO experts, what was wrong there, if Google’s penalties were merely a trailer to threat SEO Industry, or Rap Genius turned a slap over Google at the same time we would like to know how it discard the spammy links to recover back in Google Search.

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The major problem is that, Google always disallow those sites that use illegal SEO tactics or game with Google’s Algorithms and posting irrelevant pages and blog posts or creating spammy backlinks similarly Rap Genius has been doing concurrently for long period. Resources say Rap Genius sent an Apology to the Google and said to TechCrunch they are working with Google right as soon as possible and trying to resolve these things. The site was considered in approach to SEO after a blog published by John Marbach form behalf on Company. Google elaborate there about Unnatural links on their site that’s why site was penalized and went into dark of Google Search.

However to resolve this issue Rap Genius had only option either remove all the Unnatural links, or tagged as “nofollow” or to disavowed the links. But it wasn’t a simple one task, there was thousands of links so they approach webmasters, those links couldn’t be eradicated or tagged as “nofollow” were placed into Google’s Disavow tool to avoid form affecting the Ranking in Google Search Result.

And finally, Google puts them back to top in search result ranking. On the other hand Rap Genius provides the far better experience lyrics site among their competitors; sites like AZlyrics and Metrolyrics and also avoiding the illegal SEO Tactics.

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