Promotional videos to be shown in Newsfeed, Facebook plans it Youtube-style

Yes. If proven true, the latest tweaking from Facebook could be a 15-seconds television style ad that the company plans to add to its Newsfeed to be shown to users when they log in to their accounts. This could land up to a potentially lucrative advertising option for companies to launch their products and services among the world’s largest social network. The report has emerged from Bloomberg and it also has stated that Facebook Facebook Privacyhas definitely kept it in its pipeline to introduce the new form of advertisement soon.

Youtube, Google’s video sharing portal currently broadcasts ads in its videos before it starts to play. Facebook plans to sell the proposed ad space for up to a whopping $2.5 million per commercial which will play throughout the entire day. The report also states that the commercials will be targeted depending upon the age and gender of users which will play in their newsfeed. Although Facebook currently allows advertisers to broadcast their ads through their own profile page, but now on the videos will be directly fed to user’s newsfeed with a 15 seconds pitch. Facebook currently generates its huge bite of revenue from advertisements and sponsored ad lines but this new style will definitely create a immediate boost for the the company’s bottom line.

With the highest number of users lingering daily into their profiles, Facebook has definitely proved to be one-of-its-kind media and its incredible dominance has proved as a podium for many advertisers to lure customers to business through its wide spread network.


Source: iGyaan

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