Project Loon in India, balloons might hover over your sky soon

Yes its true. India has shown its utmost interest in Google’s floating technological miracle which was recently launched under the “Project Loon” in New Zealand a few days ago. The product, developed in Google’s secretive ‘X’ labs, is a network of helium filled balloons floating 20 kms above the earth’s surface carrying an array of high end gadgets. The network enables world wide web access to people stranded in remote places where in global network is unreachable.

An official of Google Inc India has disclosed that India is among the cluster of other nations who has shown interest in the balloon project. "A number of countries, including India, have expressed interest in implementing the project," as told by Todd Rowe, managing director of global channel sales at Google. Although it was a pilot project launched in New Zealand, depending upon its rate of success Google plans to implement it in other countries.

Rowe also added that there is no time frame as for now to implement the highly acclaimed “Project Loon” in India. But sources say, if the project comes out successfully, India can definitely expect it nowhere soon with balloons floating around the sky, providing internet connection to a millions.

Project Loon in India, balloons might hover around your place soon


Source: Google

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