Product listing Ads launched in India, Google promises to help you in shopping

Search engine jargon, Google has launched its much anticipated ad format in India to provide information to users about products and brands which will prove has a helping hand for users to shop both online as well as offline. Google calls the new ad format as the “Product listing ad”.

“Everyday, millions of shoppers use Google search to research and discover products to purchase online and offline, and this new format connects users to rich product information like looks, price and brands”, Google India stated. According to the company, user can find the Product Listing Ads on shopping related queries made by the user and the feature will initially be placed on the right-hand side of the search results page above the test ads as well as it will be labelled as sponsored. Product listing will help customers to find and compare relevant products of their choice and hence look for the best offer available either online or offline.

Google also has provided a new opportunity for merchants to showcase their business as well as promote products online to lure customers. It will be quite interesting to see how business firms from India makes use of Product listing ads in coming days in this era of stiff marketing competition.

Product listing Ads launched in India Google promises to help you in shopping


Source: Google

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