Online advertising revenue estimated to grow 15 percent in 2013, Asia still lags behind

With online advertising turning competitive as ever, the global ad market has been forecasted to grow manifold in 2013. In a report from Economists Intelligence Unit, it has been revealed that globally online advertising revenue might reach a staggering $113.5 billion as compared to $99 billion in 2012. Where as, Asia’s online advertising is forecasted to grow at a modest pace from 24 percent of the world wide revenue in 201online-advertising-revenue-estimated-to-grow-15-percent-in-2013-asia-still-lags-behind0 to 26 percent by 2015.

In the report, the mobile advertising market has been mentioned as really taken off in Asia with a forecasted revenue generation of one-third of the global mobile advertising market. According to the report, although the Asian market has witnessed a massive increase in online spending, however, entrepreneurs has been facing challenging commercial environment in many parts of Asia. Interestingly, of the entire revenue spent, 60 percent has been pounded by the tech giants, Google and Facebook while the rest 40 percent is shared by the other small and medium scale online players.

India has shown a really good position in this area with 7 percent of the online business coming from the world’s largest democracy. The estimated online advertisement spent in India was about Rs 2,260 crore as for March 2013 with a growth estimation to Rs 2,938 crore by 2014. Mobile advertising is estimated to reach Rs 240 crore by 2013, as mentioned in the report.



Source: Google

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