Off-site Optimization & Off-Page SEO

Off-site SEO Optimization

Offpage SEO aka Off-site SEO means the SEO activities we perform outside the website coding to enhance the website search engine rankings and traffic.

Below are some most important Off-site SEO activities:

  1. Link Building
  2. Social Media Marketing/Branding
  3. Social Syndication/Bookmarking


Why Off-page SEO is vital?

Search engines like Google uses a variety of algorithms and parameters to evaluate a website eligible to rank. These parameters contains the On-site SEO factors, some website quality parameters and Off-page SEO parameters.

Off Page SEO gives search engines a very good signal of how your website is popular over the internet compared to other websites having the same business or target keyword.

A website which has higher Off Page SEO value means more quality backlinks, more social media presence and popularity like followers, tweets, likes +1 etc gets more priority in the search results thus ending up with TOP rankings.


Benefits of “Off-Page SEO” to the website owners?

Executing a successful Off Page SEO campaign will bring in many advantages and benefits to the website:

  1. Search Engine Rankings: A good Off Page SEO value will increase your website rankings and traffic. Most of the time, the websites ranking in Google TOP 10 have very good Off Site SEO score.
  2. Traffic Increase: As mentioned above, Off Page SEO helps to improve your search engine rankings thus search engine traffic also increases however it also helps you increase direct traffic as well as referral traffic via Social media.
  3. Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA): Off Site SEO helps establish your domain authority as well as Page Authority among search engines. Domain Authority is one of the major factor for search engine ranking.
  4. Branding: Off-Page SEO helps you to brand your business/company on other channels like Social Media, Press Release Portals, Guest Post Websites etc. Branding helps you gain long term customers and sales.


Types of Off Page SEO Activities:

Link Building

Link building is very much popular in SEO. It is one of the most effective SEO method to improve SEO Search Engine Rankings according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Backlinks acts like a reference/votes to search engines, the more references you gain the more chances you have to beat your competition and rank on the 1st page.

For example, if anyone references your website on the internet then search engines like Google takes them as a positive signal of having something good being shared thus gives them a priority in rankings.

But Beware, over the years many webmasters have been trying to manipulate the link building system via generating bulk low quality links or create them using softwares and bots. Google is now smart enough to pick these out and may put your website in trouble. These low quality links includes:

  1. Directories
  2. Forum Signatures
  3. Mass Commenting
  4. Article Submissions
  5. Link Exchange

You should avoid all the above Off Page activities as they will rather harm you more than giving you any benefit. At worse, you may get a Penalty from Google.


Good Link Building

Link building is nowadays is all about QUALITY than QUANTITY. According to Google, any links pointing to the website has to be natural links. Now, your may surprise how you can get Natural Links? The answer is:

You have to write and publish contents which captures visitors attention and would aromatically to link to.

So, you have to create stunning and user engaging content in order to get natural backlinks. One more way is to go for Guest Posts.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts are a good way to generate natural links however it has to be done very carefully. Google has gone very strict on Guest Posts nowadays considering it is being used for Spamming. Guest Posts should provide useful contents to the visitors and not solely done for link building.


Off-Site SEO is an integral part of the SEO campaign. Equally important as On-site SEO. In order to successfully rank a website, you have to do both Off-site & On-site SEO. Link Building activities have to done very carefully, focus should be on acquiring natural links only.