Now you can remove listing online, New Google Places Dashboard makes it possible

Google has announced that businesses will be able to remove their listing online from Google Maps with the help of Google Places dashboard. Induced back in April, the dashboard has been updated by Google for quite number of times with various improvements and features added to it to increase user experience rating of the tool.

now-you-can-remove-listings-online-new-google-places-dashboard-makes-it-possibleCommunity Manager for Google+ Local, Jade Wang, made the news recently in a Google+ post that users will be able to remove listings from their accounts but the same cannot be reverted back again. She has urged users to report their business as closed using Report a problem option from their account. The option for removing the listing online is now on placed in the dashboard under a gear icon. She also made a note saying that “Google may continue to show businesses that have been removed from your account on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties as closed, moved, or open, depending on the information we’ve received about the business. “ Although the recent tweak is not a big one, but the refinement brought to the dashboard has definitely provided more freedom to users to interact with their profile listing.

Although the feature was and is still available in the old places dashboard, the new dashboard has changed the option to ‘remove’ rather than ‘delete’ing the same.

Source: SER