Now search for flights in Google Search

It’s finally here. Google India has officially launched flight search for all domestic as well as international flights. According to a report, Google will show the exact location of any flight searched for along with the time of arrival and departure. Google India has been tweaking its search engine under the Searching India campaign introduced to induce popularity of the search engine among Indian netigens.

Earlier, Google had launched the same service for international flights and it seemed to do very well for people seeking information for flight timings. With this new feature added, user will be able to search for any specific domestic flight to view information like its departure timings, arrival timings and even the exact location of the flight among a lot many others. There will be options to book tickets for the same as well through third party services. Alternatively, user can enter the flight number directly in Startsearchingindia and see information about the flight like its arrival timing, current location,etc.

Google also plans to introduce the same under Google Now cards for android devices in days to come. Under the Searching India campaign, Google has reportedly introduced a lot many features to its Indian Search Engine along with weather report, restaurant search, news service, quick research and calculations.


Now search for flights in Google Search


Source:  Google

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