Now access to your AdSense account with your smartphone


Google has launched a new AdSense app recently in Android and iOS platform. Google has stated that the new app for AdSense will provide users with an easy way to access key data from their AdSense account. The apps are already published in play store for Android and iTunes for Apple devices. Site users will be able to access to vital information on ads with the help of the new application.

Google has described the new app as “The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to access key data from your AdSense account. Access reporting features anywhere, directly from your mobile phone. The first version of the app gives you access to: the key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports, payment alerts.” Google has been tweaking its AdSense service recently while launching a new responsive design ad unit as well as adding new benchmark feature called the Publisher Scorecard. The app for AdSense is supposedly designed to allow site administrators to key earning info from the ads posted, all custom and relative urls posted in the site as well as any payment warnings.

Google has closed the shutter for many applications it developed years ago as a part of its Spring Cleaning Program where as new and better apps are replacing the age old technologies.

Source: Google News

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