New search engine on the scene, plans to ditch Google, also known as, the largest free email service provider in Russia, is planning to go international with a new Search Engine to be launched soon the company’s source stated. Yes that’s true. The Russian company has beNew search engine on the scene, plans to drop Googleen serving Google Search for several years from now but reports evolved that has been working hard in launching it’s own search engine since a couple of years. plans to cancel their contract with Google in favor of their own search engine. It is believed that used 60 percent of Google search results recently while serving about 40 percent of their own search results. Google will definitely be in loss since has 86 percent of internet users in Russia and with the number increasing everyday, Google will lose its search users base in Russia. Yandex, Russia’s biggest search engine, holds the maximum of all Russian search queries.

There are also rumors floating around that plans to expand its network to other countries as well. The company will be using its global domain,, to peek into international search market, as stated in the report. If true, we’ll have a new competitor in the game for search engine market and search engine giants will have to think of strategies to dominate the volatile market.




Source: Google

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