Nest Labs – Google’s biggest Acquisitions.


Yesterday Google disclosed a project to get smart Thermostat maker Nest Labs Inc. for $3.2 billion. Intention of behind this of Google is very clear towards the Internet Company to enlarge into wide areas of devices and to bring the advanced Hardware design expertise in-house.

If believe the resources from recent years ventured Google wants to boost from its roots in online search and same for advertising in Industries like Mobile electronics and video streaming as well.

Google launched Android OS (Operating System) which involved from a company-led initiative basically known as Handset Alliance, in recent days it has become one of the most popular Smartphone S/W across the Globe and at the same time they acquired for Tablets too.

The S/W in-house developed by a software engineer Andy Rubin, and the designed for s different option for the dominant of Industries like Apple Inc.’s iOS and the Blackberry and initiate into Google’s drive in the areas of Mobile Advertising. Google lifted up eyebrows in 2012 by paying over $12 billion for Motorola Mobility till now this is one of the biggest deals in terms of immediate presence in the Industry of Smartphone and Tablets market.

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