Music Playback in Google Search, May be another Chrome experiment coming soon

In a new development which could be a revolutionary change in browsing experience, Google, the search engine giant, is experimenting with some form of music playback in search results as reported by anonymous users recently. Although the experiment is limited to Google’s own browser, Chrome, users have reported that in a number of incidents, when a song or lyrics for a song is searched for, after a short delay, the corresponding audio file starts playing in the background.

The experiment appears to be in its early and very limited stage as the music plays only on a handful of songs and usually non replicable on the same song google-chrome-musicby different users or on different devices. Although interesting, there will definitely be many constraints in implementing the same, due to multi browser audio playback as well as rights for the song or the playback as well. Although a preview trial for the same could be expected where in the song plays just for a few seconds.

Search being the mightiest tool for Google in its core business for revenue generation, is being used as a gimmick by many to attract users to boost their business online. Also the ever growing piracy has plagued the music industry thus compelling the music companies to seek help from the California based technocrat in stopping illegal downloads and helping them in curbing piracy.






Source : Google

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