Mug shot sites to go off from Google Search results page

Google has decided that it is going to demote use of mug shot sites from its search engine results page. The development comes as a new initiative taken by the search engine jargon to curb crimes in towns and cities and help criminals to recuperate from their earlier memories or even stop re-stigma ting them. The changes will curb websites built for profit from using mug shots in their web listing.

mug-shot-sites-to-go-off-from-google-search-results-pageIt was reportedly practiced by websites to show mug shots in webpages obtained from local law enforcement agencies  making it appear as public service thus creating hurdle for those who wanted to pursue better life after rehabiliting from any crimes they were engaged with. According to a prominent blog, such websites charge a nominal charge of 400 dollars from people to un publish the content from websites but the images still show up in search results page if any particular mug shot is specifically queried. Google has also added in a statement that a dedicated team has been engaged on tweaking Google’s algorithm to improve the search results as well as filter the illegal contents from search engine results page. Google has been lately working aggressively in rectifying the search functionality to filter out illicit content from its search results page.

The report also disclosed that other big head internet firms like Pay Pal, Amex, Mastercard, etc. are working subsequently to fade off such mug shots and also has urged the merchant bank that handles those accounts to bring them to an end.


Source: Google News

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