Mozilla says: Dump Google & Use Bing

Mozilla’s director of community development is not at all happy with the Search Monster Google.  After an eyebrow raising comment from Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt in an interview with American TV network CNBC last week on privacy issue, Asa Dotzler has, in fact, pretty much suggested that everyone should use Bing instead.

Here’s what made Dotzler to react: on the subject of whether or not folks can trust Google, Schmidt told (See Video Below) Maria Bartiromo, “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

Schmidt also said, “We are all subject in the United States to the Patriot Act and it is possible that all that information could be made available to the authorities.”

So Dotzler wrote, “I think that the thing that bothers me most about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s comment is that it makes clear that he simply doesn’t understand privacy. That a company with so much user data on its servers is led by someone who just doesn’t understand privacy is really scary to me and it should be scary to you as well.”


And finally he mentions, “There is no ambiguity, no ‘out of context’ here. . . .  And here’s how you can easily switch Firefox’s search from Google to Bing.  (Yes, Bing does have a better privacy policy than Google.)”


So who can you trust? Well, apparently not Eric Schmidt and Google, according to Mozilla’s man.


Firefox controls a 24.72 percent share of the browser market, by the way, according to Net Applications.


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